The DLC Difference

At DLC we strive to be the best in everything we do. This includes our service, Quality assurance program, and staffing selection.


When you select DLC as your roofer, you are buying far more than a new roof. We take pride in continuing to service all of our roofs long into the future. We are happy to respond to necessary service calls such as the installation of a new vent, or HVAC unit. As well, if the unthinkable happens and you do have a leak from a DLC roof, you can be assured we will still be here to stand by our name and reputation. DLC has lasted the test of time. We have been around since 1985, and have been standing by our commitment to quality and service ever since.

Quality Assurance Program -
Our Quality assurance program consists of two parts, the first being our inspection process, the second being our preventative action program.

At DLC we take ensuring quality seriously, this is why we have a 3 fold in house inspection process. 1- at the end of each work day, the foreman on site will inspect the days work to ensure any weak points are fixed and that the roof is well sealed for the night. 2- Upon completion of the job, the superintendent overseeing the job will do a thorough inspection of the entire job to ensure that nothing has been missed or overlooked. He also checks for any possible weaknesses in the material or workmanship. 3- After the second inspection, a top member of our management team will again inspect the entire project to ensure nothing was missed.
Our Warrantee jobs receive a further fourth inspection performed by the manufacturer before issuing the warrantee.

Preventative Action Program-
For years, DLC has been tracking all leak calls. Leaks are a major inconvenience to our customers and cost us money. We analyze all of our collected data to identify possible weaknesses in the systems we install. With this information, we patch all common failures before ever leaving the job site. This ensures a high quality product that will last. Our Preventative action system works so well, Burke incorporated our updates into their 30 year warrantee requirments.

Staffing Selections-
The roofing industry sits low on most people’s preferred job list. We work hard long hours, commonly away from home. The roofing industry is not high on the construction pay scale. At DLC we believe we hire the best and that their hard work deserves an appropriate wage. For that reason, we are very selective in our hiring process. We select only employees that display our passion and commitment to high quality, working hard and efficiency. Better, Faster, Easier. For this reason, we are able to remain competitive, ensure the best quality and still pay well above prevailing wage. We are the best, because we hire the best.

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